How do I make a proper Skybox (GZDoom)

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How do I make a proper Skybox (GZDoom)

Post by Graaicko »

Hello, So I'm making a city map and want to use the proper skybox. Only problem is I know nothing about this. I tried various ways and they didn't seem to work. Instead I get this:

Here is an example of what I want but with the texture above:
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Re: How do I make a proper Skybox (GZDoom)

Post by Caligari87 »

Please make sure you're following ALL the instructions on the [wiki]Skybox[/wiki] and [wiki]GLDEFS[/wiki] wiki pages. Notably you should only be using one method: Either the "real" skybox (using a cube sector with a skybox viewer), or the OpenGL skybox (textures only defined in the GLDEFS lump). Also, post your code or no one will be able to help you.

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Re: How do I make a proper Skybox (GZDoom)

Post by Kappes Buur »

All my tutorials can be accessed through
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There you'll find how to make a Skybox, which may be of some help. :)

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