UDMF & ACS - Check player distance from lineID

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UDMF & ACS - Check player distance from lineID

Post by DnB-Freak »

Posted in Mapping because its ACS related.
It's not very fun if you play a mod and cannot proceed further because you "don't expect" ladder linedefs for instance.

I do wish to improve this by showing up HUDMessages when player faces a close enough linedef with lineID.

I'm working theoretically on an ACS that's supposed to check player dist and FOV from the lineID,
showing up a HUDMSG Hint if true: "Climb" for example.

Do anyone have some example code or recommendation for a trick similar to this?
I've searched, but couldn't find it here.
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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Re: UDMF & ACS - Check player distance from lineID

Post by Graf Zahl »

You'll have to use some ZScript here. ACS does not implement what is needed for this.

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