Epic/Holy Hell weirdness(Solved?)

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Epic/Holy Hell weirdness(Solved?)

Post by MrToots »

I've been trying to test my mod on various maps and I works fine but i'm getting two weird glitches in these two maps sets

In holy hell for some reason the teleporters are not working properly, for instance the starting area all teleporters except the far left one don't teleport me, it does the teleport animation but i don't go any where and in the area with he wall of Revenants I will randomly trigger teleport fog when no other mod does this
Edit: figured it out, my wall check projectile was missing the +NOTELEPORT flag

In EPIC I'm having this problem where my Ammo is dropping straight to zero for some reason, and nothing I do changes this, again this isn't happening with any other mod
Edit: This is still bugging me
Edit: Ok, apparently In this map I'm not allowed to have any giveinventory in my player actor, WTF:Y

any idea what could be causing this?

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