Why isn't brightness absolute?

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Re: Why isn't brightness absolute?

Post by Nevander »

Kinsie wrote:Nevander: How often do you restart or turn off your PC?
Every day.
Rachael wrote:Have you turned down Multisampling, as well?

That variable stubbornly turns itself on with some systems, for some strange reason.
Yep. I don't use any of those enhancement setting anymore. No filtering, no multisampling, no anisotropic filtering, no resizing modes, no anti aliasing, no high res packs, nothing like that. Even with all the settings like this on 2.4.0 it stuttered quite a bit at random intervals.

I haven't had a chance to test 3.2.1 yet with stat rendertimes and -nosound unfortunately. I will try today.

EDIT: Ok. It seems as if I get vastly different performance using 3.2.1 as I did using 2.4.0 for some reason. However, enabling any of the stuff like multisampling, ssao, or bloom really hits the performance with bloom being the worst one.

- Running Speed of Doom MAP31 in 3.2.1 with all settings on the lowest, vsync on, and 1920x1080 I only saw single frame dips to 59 but it did not stutter randomly the same way 2.4.0 did.
- MAP32 and 28 (tons of monsters) was still relatively smooth but with big drops to 40, however I assume these were normal and due to the high monster counts with all that shit going on at once.
- MAP01 (the simplest of them all) gets the performance wrecked if I simply enable bloom or some other enhancement setting

On the bright side it seems like the texture filtering bug I was getting isn't happening in 3.2.1 (and without a driver update), although I can't say for sure since I only checked one spot.

Why I wonder would 2.4.0 be a stutter fest and 3.2.1 (so far) only does when enabled extra effects?
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Re: Why isn't brightness absolute?

Post by Graf Zahl »

The fact that even a simple postprocessing effect like Bloom wrecks your frame rate suggests some driver related problem. This should be no issue whatsoever for any semi-recent graphics card.

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