32 bit Args for a thing's special

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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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32 bit Args for a thing's special

Post by Graf Zahl »

Currently the args for a thing's special are 8 bit like in Hexen. These should be extended to 32 bit internally like everything else so that setting a thing's special with larger values works properly.
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Bio Hazard
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Post by Bio Hazard »

if the map format is going to be changed, just go all the way...

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David Ferstat
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Post by David Ferstat »

A thread worth resurrecting, Bio Hazard.

Given the capabilities of today's PCs (and the increasing ambiitons of today's wad authors :) ) a revamp of the wad format is probably (way) overdue.
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Post by Sphagne »

An old thread in the old phorums:

"New Format."
Chris: How about some XWADs or ZWADs and make our level designs more engine and editor friendly?
Spagne: How about a new lump inside current wad format to add the power for the level designers to add patch overlays over current texture definitions, i.e. set the wall texture as the basic wall and then add the overlay patches like: pipes, cracks, windows, and stuff, at an exact position over the wall, and move them around until they are satisfied with the result and then the editors could save these overlays in the new lump beside BEHAVIOR and ZDoom would use them, and that would enhance our design capablity.
Randomlag: Too much work, little benefit, what do you mean?
Sphagne: Texture designers can support basic walls and lots of overlay patches, and let the level designers place the patches over the base textures, in the level design time, currently we make the textures and place the patches over them when we are making the textures and and we give a few choices for the level designers, but with new "patches" lump the choice would be theirs and in the level design time.
Randy: We can place decals now, by decal objects.
Sphagne: Currently we can not move the decals around the textures to the exact preferred location, but can only guess their wereabouts.
Randomlag: Things are getting interesting, how about...
...No answer...
------------------------------- added now: -----------------
New editors like DeepSea and Doom Builder can add support for this feature, i.e. we can place texture patches over the walls and move or flip or rotate them around until we are satisfied with the result, we could place several patches over any single side def, and then the editors could save those overlays in the new level lump and ZDoom would use them to add the the level walls in the runtime.

We can have floor and ceiling patches as well, also we can have ACS scripts that would let us add, remove, move, rotate and flip these overlay patches, (on the walls or floors), as we like. :wink:

This new lump can have flags that would flip the actual side def textures, (not the patches), horizontally and vertically.

Think about the possiblities.

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