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I already asked for this in the very, very, very old notgod.phorums but unfortunately, the discussion got offtopic and then lost, so I try it once again, to get this feature:

A very useful thing would be the addition of an Moving Skybox Viewpoint which moves relative to the player's position. This would make up for more realism and a by far better illusion concerning "faked-3d"

The skybox thing would have just one argument (or two, concerning the amount over 255) and this would define the percentage ratio of the relative movcement to the players speed and direction. 100 would mean, that the skybox viewpoint moves exactly like the player (just like a mirrored clone), 50 would mean half the speed and so on.

The moving skybox thing is noclipped and mappers would have to make sure, that their skybox is large enough for the moving skybox thing. Also, the skybox behaves different to each player start, just depending where the player start 2-8 are placed. Same goes for deathmatch starts.

Just imagine the possibilites!!!!
Already requested this before here: ... ht=feature

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