Doom Source Port Slow-Down issue

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If you want help you're going to have to provide lots of info. Like what is your hardware, what is your operating system, what version of GZDoom/LZDoom/whatever you're using, what mods you're loading, how you're loading it, what you've already tried for fixing the problem, and anything else that is even remotely relevant to the problem.

We can't magically figure out what it is if you're going to be vague, and if we feel like you're just wasting our time with guessing games we will act like that's what you're really doing and won't help you.
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Doom Source Port Slow-Down issue

Post by SNEAKY »

I've been playing wads such as Brutal Doom 64, Master Levels& Hell On Earth Starter-Pack on my GZdoom & Zandronum and I've literally been suffering countless slow-downs when I was playing Map32 from the "Master Levels' TEETH.wad", Map11 from the "Hell On Earth Starter-Pack" & an insanely large mount of special effects triggering when playing "Brutal Doom 64". I was wondering if there's a way to run source ports faster or prevent source ports from slowing down. I appreciate your helpful answers.
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Re: Doom Source Port Slow-Down issue

Post by wildweasel »

What are the specs of your machine?

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