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Post by Enjay »

The problem with walls that do not block monster sight, but do block attacks is that unlike the player who would see a monster through the wall, maybe try a shot and realise it wasn't getting through then move on, a monster would see the player and then keep on launching attacks against the impassible wall.

I know that already exists with block everything, but because of that I don't think the monster sight thing is all that important. There are other ways of waking up a monster (noise) which would be more effective anyway. ie the monster would hear, but not see you, and would therefore mill around trying to reach the player, but would not constantly launch attacks against a barrier.

I think that a simple invisible sector blocking things is going to be a better solution for those kind of cases anyway.

Block everything blocking the rail gun, blast and scratch damage does make sense if possible (esp the rail IMO).
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Post by randi »

Ultraviolet wrote:Well, what I was talking about is wanting a way to get an invisible wall that does NOT block monster sight, but can't be attacked through and blocks splash damage.
That's how I've got it now.

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