* Resource/Request Posting Guidelines *

We sure do have a lot of rules and guidelines threads - find them all here, and please make sure you've read them! Also, community-wide announcements (that aren't major ZDoom News) go here as well.
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* Resource/Request Posting Guidelines *

Post by Cutmanmike »

What is a resource?

A resource can be anything that is something that you wish to "donate" to the community for use with other wads, something you never got round to finishing and feel it could be finished or reused elsewhere, could be used as a base for something else. By submitting to this forum you should not be surprised to find your resources used in other WADs. If you wish to be credited for you resources, state this in the topic or in a txt file along with your resource. Better safe than sorry!

What resources can be posted here?

Pretty much anything, as long as you were involved in the resource's creation (yes even rips). Simple resources such as graphics, sounds, music, etc is all acceptable. Doom specific resources are also very welcome. Weapons, monsters, maps, powerups, player classes, snippets of code... You get the idea. Just ask yourself these three questions before posting your resources:
  • Is the resource ENTIRELY my own work?
  • If no to the previous one, do I have permission from the original author?
  • If no to the previous one, did I put a reasonable amount of work into the resource myself, such that the changes are noticeably different from the source that I could take credit for them?
If you answered no to all three, maybe you should consider taking your stuff somewhere other than the Resources forum. (To clarify, though, resource rips from commercial games are to be seen on a case-by-case basis - if they're especially easy to get without much hassle, then perhaps post instructions on how to rip them instead; if the game is extremely obscure or is especially painful to extract files from, then they're probably alright.)

Can I post different resources in a thread?

Yes if they're relevant to a single resource. For example, if you started a project that uses new Star Wars weapons, maps, monsters and such you should file them under a [Project] tag. For various resources, no. Create a new thread for each type of resource you are posting. This makes types of resource easier to locate.

Can I post a thread requesting resources?

Admittedly we've been kind of hard on people who just post a thread asking for resources, saying that such things should go in the official Resource Request Thread. While that is still an option, as of now we're going to allow people to start new threads to request resources. This not only makes it easier to search the Resources forum for requests that have been fulfilled, it's also more visible, ensuring that someone looks at your request. There are only two conditions to this, though: first, make sure your thread has the [Request] tag in its title, and second, please be patient, as the people who provide resources do not do this sort of thing for a living.

It should be clarified: the people creating resources here are doing so as a hobby, not as a paying job, so they have every right to refuse service. As for the resource requester, it's generally advised that you be as clear as possible when asking for help so that would-be helpers know what you're looking for, and that you be as polite and friendly as possible, since being a demanding asshole will only get your request rejected by anybody that's sane.

Please follow these guidelines before posting a Resource
  • Please include a tag in your topic title. While tags aren't officially supported, they're very good for quickly searching for resources. A tag is simply a word in square parenthesis, like this: [Weapon]. More info on this below.
  • Also in the topic title be as clear as you can on what the resource is. "A new plasma weapon" is a good title. "Omg check this rip yo" is a bad title.
  • In the first post of your topic you should describe what your resource is, and provide screenshots where applicable. This is very important because most people will flick through your resources without even looking a them if you do not provide a preview.
  • Post a link to your resource that is permanent! This is important because archived resources will not be of any use if people cannot get access to the files, and most likely will come after you if they want to use it. If you don't have one, don't be shy to ask. Be wary of what file locker service you use, as many services delete files due to inactivity, change how public links work, require invitations for public access, or have been known to vanish entirely (like Megaupload). We advise that you try something else like Dropbox that allows you to store files permanently.
  • We really would prefer it if you would give credit where credit is due.
  • Keep your first post updated. If you make any updates to your resource, be sure to edit your first post and update any information and links. People don't want to have to search through pages to find an updated link.
  • If you want credit for your resource, or want to enforce any other usages rules such as (ask for permission), please state this in the first post of the topic AND in the .txt file if you're including one. I recommend you do.
List of acceptable tags.
  • [Sprite]
  • [Sounds]
  • [Music]
  • [Map]
  • [Monster]
  • [Weapon]
  • [Textures]
  • [Playerclass]
  • [Inventory]
  • [ACS]
  • [Hud]
  • [Project]
  • [Request]
And so forth. Use your common sense, and NEVER anything like [Other] or [Misc].

I will be adding tags to resources but I will whine at you if you keep posting resource topics without them.
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Re: * Resource/Request Posting Guidelines *

Post by wildweasel »

The guidelines have been updated: the "stricter rules" have been deposed and replaced with something that should be much friendlier.

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