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Post by Zell »

wildweasel wrote:Hmm, I've had a railgun that fires on both FireRailgunRight and FireRailgunLeft for quite some time and haven't seen the bugs that Xaser described.
how do u use those? =p they dont seem to be valid in the console...i put em in there(the console) and it says it doesnt know what it is..
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Post by Hirogen2 »

Not console. Modify your railgun.bex:

Code: Select all

Frame 77 = A_FireRailgun[b]Left[/b]
Frame 78 = A_RailWait
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Post by Xaser »

HotWax wrote:
Hirogen2 wrote:Anyway, if you do a head shot, it should not matter, as you are shooting in the mouth then :P which hurts just as a head-short. In ZDoom.
Errr... You mean the same amount as a shot to any other part of the body, right?
I love shooting a trooper's gun and watching the trooper die because of it. :D Maybe their guns are attached to their arms, like in Quake2.

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