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Post by Vader »

doesn´t work for me either, it´s just white!
I´m using Firefox too.

it´s all fine with IE!
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Post by Risen »

Works for me. (Firefox 1.0.4)
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Post by randi »

Grubber wrote:@randy: Greed/Red Highliting doesn't work in FireFox.
Try refreshing to get the new style sheet. I use Firefox myself. (In fact, it was only last night that t looked at the page in IE and discovered that the last 10 active topics table on the index page wasn't displaying right with that.)
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Post by Grubber »

Works now. Thx.
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Post by Phobus »

So we have red for <insert function here>, green for <insert function here> and a page number box, with the added bug of ICQ icon being roughly 3/4 of it's own heoght down from where it should be.
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Post by Graf Zahl »

That sounds right... ;)

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