[Blood] Being set on fire blinds Caleb

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Jazz Cappricio
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[Blood] Being set on fire blinds Caleb

Post by Jazz Cappricio »


I was playing around in the dev builds, specifically "1.8pre-493-g213bdbada" released today, and found that being set on fire blinds Caleb. I tried launching the game in OpenGL, Vulkan, and OpenGL ES to the same effect. I also tried to see if any setting caused it; no luck, though it is possible that I simply didn't try enough.

I have attached a savegame where it is very easy to set yourself on fire with the flaregun, plus a pool for extinguishing it. There is also a video demonstrating the effect.

Thank you!

Additional Details:
-Windows 10 x64 bit
-No mods

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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Re: [Blood] Being set on fire blinds Caleb

Post by Graf Zahl »

This has been fixed already

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