The Cognition Engine - Single Map

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The Cognition Engine - Single Map

Post by Snowy44 »

Be born into a twisted digital hellscape to learn what it's like to inhabit a reality that rejects you.

"The Cognition Engine" is a single Doom 2 map for limit-removing ports.

Was tested in and should run in DSDA, Crispy Doom, PrBoom+ and Gzdoom 4.5 (but probably any version).

The format is "Doom in Doom 2". No advanced features (jumping, crouching, freelook, etc) are intended.

The map is somewhat exploration-focused, takes roughly 25-35 minutes to beat (depending on difficulty and how thorough you are with said exploration).

Difficulties are implemented, UV starts off pretty easy but has a few tough fights near the end, though the difficulty may vary greatly depending on the amount exploration and secret hunting the player does. Because of that, and since the map is fairly lenghty, I recommend saving a few times. Expect HNTR and HMP to be on a significantly easier side.

The map includes a secret exit that leads to a small secret level (it's mostly just for flavor purposes, does not include actual gameplay), UMAPINFO support is required to get to that level.

Map includes custom textures from the following resources: rfhelltx texture pack, 32in24-15 Tex texture pack, Duke Nukem 3D, Bounce Tales.

Music used is: Dark Seed 2 - MM018GM (main midi), Blood - Track 10 (menu midi), Cool Spot - Shellshock (secret level midi).

Custom pallete is Technipal by Urban Space Cowboy.

More Screenshots
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Re: The Cognition Engine - Single Map

Post by Shatter-Thought[V-4] »

This map was hella cool! I loved the atmosphere, the architecture, the lore as you find the secret rooms, a wonderful creepy map that challenges you nicely and makes you feel isolated, especially with a solid music choice.

Awesome work!

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