Add a property to mark an episode as unreleased

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Add a property to mark an episode as unreleased

Post by DoomedRabbit »

I've got an idea for a new property in the MAPINFO episode definition. It would allow you to mark that episode as unreleased/coming soon, by showing a pop-up message after selecting that episode, very similar to the shareware message of Doom 1. You would just have to type out your message or provide a language lump keyword.

This is just an example of how it could look like:

Code: Select all

Episode E3M1
   Name = "The Revenge of Doomguy"
   Key = "t"
   Unreleased = "$UNRELEASED" // "This episode is not available yet!"
I think this would come in handy for episodic mods, that won't have all the episodes available immediately. It would also be a better way to emulate that "Shareware" effect, because if you mark your mod as shareware in IWADINFO, it makes it unable to load addons. You also can't control which episode has a message that pops up.
Thanks for taking the time to read this! :D

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