My animedefs doesnt work

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My animedefs doesnt work

Post by chikokevo »

Hello!, so somehwy my anime definitions doesnt work...

Code: Select all

texture UACCM01
    pic UACCM010 tics 1
    pic UACCM012 tics 1
    pic UACCM013 tics 1
    pic UACCM014 tics 1
    pic UACCM015 tics 1
    pic UACCM016 tics 1
    pic UACCM017 tics 1
texture FWater
    pic FWATER1 tics 1
    pic FWATER2 tics 1
    pic FWATER3 tics 1
    pic FWATER4 tics 1

switch UACSW01 on sound Switch1 pic UACSW02 tics 0
switch UACSW02 off sound Switch2 pic UACSW01 tics 0
Whenever I open a Doom Builder, the Animated Texture doesn show up.

Attaching the file.
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Re: My animedefs doesnt work

Post by Blue Shadow »

The textures to which the animation is "attached" don't exist, those being UACCM01 and FWater. So either provide those two textures, or replace them in ANIMDEFS with UACCM010 and FWATER1, respectively.

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