ZScript Night-Vision Device Help

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ZScript Night-Vision Device Help

Post by Graaicko »

Hello. So sometime ago, I created a Night-Vision script using ZScript which is put in the players inventory, It works perfectly much like the DN3D, which has a limit, I even created a slight static filter for it.
There are still a few problems with it which are:

1. Toggling it is done through the inventory selection (inventory activation) but is turned off when I press the GZDoom use key... I would like it to have its own hotkey which I would like to be "N" that toggles it both on and off.

2. As I understand when activated, it illuminates ALL sectors of any existing map. This is fine except its not really how conventional Night-vision works. I would like it to respond much more like Duke Nukem 3D's Night-Vision, dark sectors but actors are seen with that "infrared" vision effect which brings me to issue number 3.

3. I have absolutely no idea how to make it do that infrared vision effect of enemies and actors. The ZScript I built for it doesn't actually do that at the moment.

Conclusion: So to pretty much sum up what I am looking for is I would like it to conviently be activated and deactivated by a single key which I would like to be "N" key. I would also like it to be more dark but somehow have the ability to activate that "infrared" effect on actors, items and enemies preferably. Also If possible, I have created some mugshots of my character wearing the Night-Vision. If it would be possible to implement that when it is activated and deactivated I would be greatly thankful, but this is certainly not required right now. I don't really know how too work with ZScript that much which is why I am seeking assistance.

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