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If it's not ZDoom, it goes here.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Hansuke »


I used to play Doom on DOS way back as a kid and now I'm back to play it with some modern improvements like mods the source ports.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by ROBLOXNoob246 »


I've never played Doom before, but I've played Sonic Robo Blast 2. I've started making mods for that game.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Mememind343 »

Hi i made an account to show the mod I made.
I also made some maps you can see them by looking for me at the DW forums I go by Theperson there
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Hor1zon Str1der
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Hor1zon Str1der »

Umm.. Hi

I'm Hor1zon Str1der.
I make tunes and mods. I'm currently working on three TCs, cause I'm apparently crazy. :P
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Hunterj1234 »

Hi guys im a new user 8-)
i make perty good youtubes on my channel and i enjoy playing gmaes
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by LoreCannon »

Been here forever, somehow never made an account. Hey y'all.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Ragedox332 »

So this is my first post on a forum...

Hi, I'm Ragedox, a Brony (yes I like horses from My Little Pony ), I draw digital arts as a hobby and I'm creating a mod with my friends.
I met DOOM through a friend and the first one I played was DOOM 2016, and today I'm a big fan of the series and I completed all of them (that are available for sale), I think it's really cool to make mods for GZDoom, it's not that hard (I think, I haven't gone too deep yet), you can do a lot of things well even with Decorate.

I don't know what to write anymore and I think that's it, so bye! :D
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Willytor »

I'm Willytor, I'm fairly new to the world of DOOM in general, but i love playing doom mods. Truth be told, i havent played any of the doom games from start to finish (yet), since I'm pretty bad at first person shooters. Made this account a while ago to be able to look at user profiles and I'm still not able to, hopefully when i hit enough posts I'll be able to. I had a bit of an aversion to doom for a while because i had a pretty awful acquaintance who really liked it, but now that I'm sinking my toes into it, maybe despite being a bad person they had good taste in games.
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by SuyaSS »

Hi, I'm SuyaSS.

I do not do much except play games and study. I sometimes upload my music or play games on my YouTube channel.
Still very beginner DOOM. Started by playing Sonic Robo Blast 2.

Biggest Doom Achievement - Complete Ultimate Doom entirely
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Reviver »

Hello, everyone. I hope you are feeling well.

Though I have the level author name "Reviver", I can also be found online as CasualExplorer.

I discovered GZDoom months ago after having fun configuring Marshmallow Doom 0.79. Before, I had heard of ZDoom, but decided to not to try it until I read about GZDoom. After reviewing GZDoom's system requirements, I decided later to download it. After that, I knew I found my favorite Source Port and I make sure to have the latest stable release version. Seeing as Marshmallow Doom and GZDoom share common command line parameters, I was able to quickly transition to swapping between Iwads and Pwads. I truly enjoyed, and still do today, the privilege of having a CD-ROM version of Final Doom and a DVD external drive. I simply copied the Iwads to my local hard disk with the file destinations being my GZDoom directory.

I have several hobbies, and one of them is modding Doom series games -- particularly Doom II: Hell on Earth. I stick with Pwad editing and creation lately. There is a certain thrill and lasting sense of accomplishment when I have finished creating a wad file that metaphorically embodies my level design style. I try to make each level I intend to publish to file hosting sites at least a little better than my previously published map. I compete with myself to up my standards because it is rewarding to know that I succeeded in becoming a better level editor. I always push myself to higher standards, and do so out of love for the Doom series games, making sure to have lots of fun in the process.

I find other games in different genres fun, and play them using my computer system. My library of collected games includes titles such as Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Persona 4: Golden, Sonic Mania, Mega Man X Legacy Collection volume 1, and even Doom 64(all Steam versions). If a game is well-made and is fun, then I will most likely return to it and amuse myself in its gameplay.

I am going to keep this introduction short, and conclude with this statement: If you wish to know more about me, please feel free to contact me.
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Strange Introduction

Post by jetstrange »

Hello, my name is Jet strange, But you can call me Jet.
I'm good at photo and video editing. ( Photoshop, Sony Vegas, "some" After effects)

Now the thing is I've been on these forums for a long time, then I came back! all thanks to playing classic doom n such!

The hobbies
Why I came back
I also really came back because man... Doom is seriously Timeless! we're in 2021 and still people are making awesome creations with this game... Doom is phenomenal :)
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by ritaremton »

hi. name's rita. introduced to classic doom and zdoom by my dad. i'm still learning to play the game, though. tq and have a nice day =:)
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Lt_Gonflette »

Hello, the name is Lt.Gonflette, I got introduced to Doom through the PlayStation version back when I was 2 (kinda young, I know), and I still play Doom games and WADs from time to time. I also like playing other retro FPS, boomer shooters and car combat games in the vein of the 90's.
Started playing with source ports around 12 or so years ago. Now I pretty much use GZDoom exclusively.

Have a nice day.
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Dasha W Frost
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Dasha W Frost »

Hello, my name is Dasha W. Frost, and I am very happy to finally get to Zdoom forum!
Since I've been playing quite a bit of Doom mods in the last few years, I've been spending some time reading stuff on this forum, and finally, I decided to sign up. That would only be fair in my case, I think :)

I grew up in Russia, and one of my first and brightest memories about videogaming as a phenomena is my Dad playing Doom on our first home computer. That was so fascinating (and very cute to remember now)!
However, I myself started playing Doom only when I was about 20 years old. I used DOSBox first until I finally discovered ZDoom and what it's capable of. Then an amazing and near endless world of Doom/Heretic/Hexen mods and TCs opened up right before my eyes :D

After years of playing other people's WADs, some of which were absolutely spectacular, I started to think about creating something by myself. Majority of my time I am an artist, and my biggest dream ever (pretty much since childhood) has always been becoming a game designer. I'm trying to work in this direction, and a few projects and ideas are swarming in my head, one of them is learning ZScript and making my own full fledged Doom mod. Speaking of which, I am currently working on one! (and I'd like to show it to you all folks around here very soon!)

Drawing and gaming (especially together with my husband, who is, of course, also a big fan of Doom!) are my biggest passions in life. Other than that, I'm interested in creating different decorative things, listening to music, learning languages, birdwatching, and learning more about art, psychology and healthy ways of living.

I hope to learn more about ZDoom, help out other modders (if possible, even though I'm still learning myself), find friends here on the forums and have a rockin' good times! 8-)
Thank you for reading! See you soon!
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Biffidok »

Greetings from Russia. I used to lurk here just to see updates on many interest mods and TC. Playing Doom wads since 2013, like metal music and sci-fi books.

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