Categorizing Original Actors [Solved]

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Categorizing Original Actors [Solved]

Post by Misery »

I want to modify the categorization of original monsters and actors so they appear as such in Ultimate Doom Builder, and eliminate DoomEdNums for certain monsters that I never ever use (such as MBF dog and Commander Keen) but when I modified them in GZDoom.pk3, nothin' changed. So does UDB derive it resources from somewhere else, or do you have to do somethin' special to modify original content?
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Re: Categorizing Original Actors

Post by Enjay »

If you go into your UDB folder, you should see a sub folder called Configurations. There are loads of files in there - and more sub folders. One of them is called Includes and that will have files (with things in the name) for the various, you guessed it, things.

Most projects use several of these things files by referencing them from other files. Most of the file names are reasonably self-explanatory. If you want to make you own project, copy the files that you want to alter and rename them. You can then change the contents as you see fit. You should not just edit the files: you should copy them and rename them, then edit their contents. That might mean a bit more setting up, but if you don't do it, the next time UDB updates, it will overwrite your files with the stock versions. (At least I assume that it will do that, it does with other files such as graphical resources.)

Using the above method, I've made a few custom projects that are tailored to my needs. Once they are set up, it does make things much easier IMO.

Of course, the other thing to be aware of is that if your project does not use any of the stock files, if something is added to them, you will have to find the differences and edit your files accordingly (so far this has not been an issue with my projects).

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