use dedicated graphic instead of the integrated

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use dedicated graphic instead of the integrated

Post by ramon.dexter »

Well, I want to force gzdoom builder to use the dedicated graphic card, insted of the built-in. I have a dedicated nvidia gtx1050 in my laptop, but gzdoombuilder runs on intel hd630. How do I make it use the nvidia gpu insted of the intel GPU? I tried meddling with nvidia control panel (make a program use a itegrated or deciated graphics - I have selected nvidia gpu for gzdoombuilder), but no go - gzdoom builder still uses the intel one. So, is there any way how to use the nvidia gpu, or am I stuck on the intel solution?

Its not a big problem tho, but I'm experiencing lots of gzdoom builder crashes (some out of memory exceptions), that I thought would be fixable by using a more powerful gpu with more memory (the nvidia has 4 gigs, that should be sufficient).

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