How can i allow sounds in the time freezer powerup?

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How can i allow sounds in the time freezer powerup?

Post by Toiletpaper1337 »

I have made a timefreezer-powerupgiver and a cool sound for it but then i have realized that the timefreezer disables all sounds. I read that there's a allowsounds flag but when I tried to use it I got an error that "TIMEFREEZER.ALLOWSOUNDS" is an unknown flag.
Is there a way to allow sounds or in the best case only specific sounds or channels?

PS: sorry if my english is bad, im from germany.
PPS: I will give credits.
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Re: How can i allow sounds in the time freezer powerup?

Post by Xane123 »

My idea might not be that good but oh well.

Make a CustomInventory actor and set it up to look like the powerup. In its Pickup state, make it give the player the real powerup and play the sound using "CHAN_NOPAUSE", which will play even when time if frozen. For example:

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TNT1 A A_GiveInventory("POWERUP_ITEM", 1)

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