Found a minor issue? It's probably not that minor.

Here, developers communicate stuff that does not go onto the main News section or the front page of the site.
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Found a minor issue? It's probably not that minor.

Post by Rachael »

While it is definitely true that some bugs and features take precedence over others, depending on an individual developers' preferences, I am getting a *LOT* of people asking me "is X and Y okay to post on the forums?"

The universal unconditional answer to that is: Yes. Post it. No matter what, just post it. Please don't ask me if it's okay to post it - you are given forum permissions with the expectation that you will use them. :)

You might fear being judged or looking dumb in doing so. But your own fear is what's holding GZDoom back - no one will judge you, and the worst thing that can happen is you being as vague as possible - don't do that. Give as much detail as you can with the issue, and you're fine.

The main reason why an issue is closed and rejected is because the solution is incompatible with GZDoom's overall current goals - which again, we do not judge you for.

For bugs, we need steps to reproduce, what your hardware and operating system specs are, and all that fun stuff.

For features (including code submissions), we need at least one strong use case, preferably more than one, and your idea has to benefit more than just your own mod.

If you feel like your issue is being ignored, it's not. Keep in mind that GZDoom is a community-powered project with no financial backing, so it may be some time until we get to it. It's not unusual prior to a release for Graf to go through and give a response to and close as many open issue threads as possible with one reason or another.

As I always tell people who ask me about this: It's better to post an issue that gets rejected, than it is to not post something that would've been solved.

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