Gonna take a break

Sun Nov 14, 2021 9:13 am

As the title of this topic would suggest, I am gonna be on break. Don't worry, I won't be leaving for good. I need time to evaluate my mental and emotional health, I'd appreciate it if when I get a response from a moderator, they lock this topic and move this to the hall too. Thanks so much for understanding. I'll hopefully be back next Sunday.

Re: Gonna take a break

Sun Nov 14, 2021 11:05 am

Nobody here is tracking you being here or not being here. It's nothing personal - people come and go all the time, this is really a message board and not a live chat service. Hardly anyone is even here when you post a message, but still a lot of people will see it - it works that way in real life, too, where you see those cork boards where people pin messages up. There isn't a lot of people there when you post the message, but still a lot will pass by to see it. And with the number of people posting on this board, it's hard to notice the absence of any particular person.

If you need to go just go, the forum isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Posting any message about that, in particular, is rather unnecessary.

It's different with staff members, but only because people come to depend on our presence. When we are gone on vacation or whatever, certain services or routines may be suspended, and that can cause people to wonder where we are.