(Reelism 2) Submit your Ideas here!

Mon Aug 30, 2021 4:56 pm

Captain J told me to make a Thread instead of posting on the Main Thread so we can post our Suggestions here!
Here's mine!

Slot 1:
Pop-Up Purge: Random Pop-ups fill the screen! I hope you got a Pop-up Blocker....
Same-Species Competition: Enemies will Start In-Fighting (and only In-Fighting)
Disco is (not) Dead: The Terrain will change Colors like crazy! Beware of Seizure!
Manga Mayhem: The screen now looks like a Japanese Comic Book! ii zo!

Slot 2:
Brazilian Breakfast: Chex Quest Weapons Spawn! Zorch them back to Brazil!
Kitchen Where?: Repurposed Kitchen Utensils & Items Spawn! Slice, Dice, and Strike!
Use the Coke, Luke!: WW-Cola Weapons Spawn! Now with more Ingredients!
Megamaniacs: Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch Weapons Spawn! Fight for everlasting Piece!

Slot 3:
Meet Mii in Seattle: These faced Fiends of Miitopia are invading the map!
Waifu Brutality: Don't get fooled! The Sleeping God's Soldiers of the Citadel are infiltrating the Map!
Order of the Koopa King: The Koopa Troop is here for than just bitches!
Imperial Idiots: Basic Stormtroopers are on the Hunt (for better accuracy...)
Xenomorphin': These So called "Aliens" are starting their own Hive on the map!
Yo Joe!: Wily's Joe Robots are invading the Map!
Everything by everyone!: Goons from a Famous Website are about to blam this world!

Kinsieberus: Three heads = Three times the Trouble!
Alpha YetI: The Leader of All Yetis! He is the one behind this Snowstorm!
Phase 3 Darktrooper: The most dangerous of all Stormtroopers
Convict: He's like the Shapeshifter! But cooler!
Wily Machine 69: Looks like Dr. Wily had enough of you...
The Puppet Hydra: The most annoying and deadliest of all Puppets

Re: (Reelism 2) Submit your Ideas here!

Mon Aug 30, 2021 5:11 pm

This isn't a Projects thread. Besides that, if the dev team for this project wanted help with ideas, I would think they'd ask for them.