Sat May 01, 2021 2:15 pm

HI, I have a question. I've been trying to do 2 thing. One, to boot up the early DOOM ALPHA build 4.2 with GZDOOM but it does not work. Is there a workaround?

Also, I'm trying to load up the alpha maps from this same wad in GZDOOMBuilder but it's not identifying it. Any tips please? I want to see the inner workings.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Early DOOM ALPHA 4.2 in GZDOOM?

Mon May 03, 2021 12:00 pm

I can't recall if I ever played the Alpha versions.

All I remember is that I could open Alphas with XWE, showing the map layouts.

I just opened alpha 4.2 with SLADE 3.2.0b2 x64. All resources are showing.
Except, it will not show the map layouts.
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Re: Early DOOM ALPHA 4.2 in GZDOOM?

Wed May 05, 2021 3:18 pm

To my knowledge, it's not really possible to play the alpha version WADS directly in most sourceports since the game data is formatted slightly differently. The two options are generally to either play the alpha versions with their included executable (can be difficult but not impossible), or port the alpha content into a more standardized format (which I believe has been done several times).


Re: Early DOOM ALPHA 4.2 in GZDOOM?

Thu May 06, 2021 12:42 pm

No port has supported the Doom alphas, with I guess the single exception of my research project Doom0.5Heh. It's a lot of work to implement all the different prototype data formats for prototype versions of the game which aren't even playable. Though as mentioned, there have been efforts to convert the data into formats usable by release versions of Doom, with varying levels of quality. The most well known conversion is deathz0r's Alpha Resource wads, but the quality of them varies some, in particular the 0.4 graphics got mangled palette-wise, not entirely sure why.