How check for files integrity

Mon Apr 26, 2021 3:28 pm

I installed, God save my free time, Linux Mint.
I installed it on same disk with Windows and other files.

After that, I started experience problems with files. Mostly with music. For example I cant seek in specific files, player just refuse to switch time manually but play it correctly if I just leave it alone and let it play song. Or player just crashes on specific time, or it change song arbitrarily if I try to seek or it play it to specific time, etc.

What it looks like, is that in time of installation Linux installer partly damaged MFT or files itself on a disk on which it was installed.
It definitely not a problem with player. Because it happens both in Windows and Linux players and after I copied glitchy files on phone, phone player refuses to play them at all with error "file format is unsupported".

My local music library have 3732 files, which is....I dont know 300 hours of music?? So I cant just listen all of it to find all damaged files. And yes, I need all that music.
So, is there are some programs that able to scan file and tell "Hey, this file is damaged"?

Re: How check for files integrity

Mon Apr 26, 2021 8:25 pm

In Windows you can run "chkdsk C: /f" (without quotes) from the administrator command prompt (and select to restart if asked). And yes this must be the admin command prompt, make sure of that when you open the window.

And in the future, do *not* install multiple operating systems on the same volume, ever! (Even two different versions of Windows, unless the second one is encapsulated inside a .vhd file, then that is okay) Always partition it, both Linux and Windows (and Mac too, for that matter) come with competent partitioning tools that will allow you to split the disk and install each system on its own volume.