Re: Project Posting Guidelines

Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:45 pm

This has been updated with some clarification on what kinds of projects belong in which subforum.

Re: Project Posting Guidelines

Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:53 pm

I wrote:12) Do not release your project on a devbuild and expect it to work forever (by next release). If you want your project to last, release on the latest version of GZDoom only. Projects that use beta or in-development features may break. See this thread.

Re: Project Posting Guidelines

Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:25 pm

This has been updated - notably, Rule 7 is now two rules: one about not posting stuff that isn't yours, and one about honesty. (Don't worry, it's still KIND OF about co-op bots in DECORATE.)
7) This used to be a rule about not posting co-op bots made from DECORATE, but in light of some things that happened around April of 2017, I'm inclined to change it to this: The Projects forum is ONLY for projects that YOU HAVE MADE. Whether this is something you made from scratch, or a modification of someone else's mod (with permission, of course), if you can take MOST of the credit for a mod, then you can post it. Otherwise, don't put it in Projects. If it's not yours, you might consider putting in Cool Mods You Might Have Missed in the General forum instead.

7b) Since rule 7 isn't about co-op bots anymore, I feel I should also put in an addendum about honesty. Please make sure that your project thread is not in any way misleading or unclear. If someone has to ask what exactly your project is about, or what it does, then consider adding that information into the thread's first post using the Edit button. If your "awesome new TC" winds up being a Terry WAD, then you can expect your link to get nuked and a warning or ban issued. If you've just created a mod that contains DECORATE-based friendly monsters that look like Doomguys, don't call it a "co-op bot" because that term implies something very different that a DECORATE-based mod can't possibly be.

Re: Project Posting Guidelines

Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:48 am

New rule:

13) Projects for Zandronum or ZDaemon or Odamex or other multiplayer-centric ports which are hacks or source code changes to give an advantage against other players (i.e. wallhack or aimbot) are not allowed on this forum. We ARE a community for everyone, not just GZDoom, and us being outside the boundaries of the Zandronum community does not mean we are going to let you do something that would get you instantly banned, there. Multiplayer cheating is an issue taken very seriously, as it has ramifications that undermine the spirit of competition. (As an aside, we don't mind such things for strictly single-player or coop, so "aim assist" mods for GZDoom are usually just fine)

Re: Project Posting Guidelines

Sun May 03, 2020 9:07 pm

14) Do not put your project behind forced monetization links (i.e. adfly). Adding a Patreon or Paypal where people can subscribe or donate to your project is just fine, though, as is putting it on optional monetization (i.e. sites. Extremely ad-heavy download hosts (i.e. Mediafire) are discouraged and Google Drive is encouraged instead. You usually will just get your links edited out if you use an adfly-like site, but in extreme cases (i.e. editing the links back in) you can get your links removed, a warning, a ban, or your edit permissions revoked.