OSJC's idle anims for standard doom/doomII monsters

Tue Mar 23, 2021 3:58 pm

whats this then?
well, following on from my recent sprite releases in the spriting carnival, Ive toyed with the idea of making some proper idle animations for the zombies, akin to the idle pose of the guards in wolf3d. Instead of simply looping the first two walk anims, as doom does as standard...
I based the first on the brutaldoom idle frame for the shotgun guy and went on to do the zombiman in the same way. Then I kept going... ;)

I've since looked through doom's bestiary and have decided to create and replace any idle anims for any monsters that I felt looked odd or 'dancy' when idle.
creating new static poses or using exiting static frames and then adding a simple 'alive' anim to these using a simple dip of one pixel for the basic guards and adding a little extra life to some, like the flexing claws on the imps or the hand movement on the archvile and revenants...

here is a mod that can simply be loaded into the game to see what I mean:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/qkiackrt ... d.zip/file

heres a couple of pics of some of the most overtly changed monster idle states, but in truth its a dynamic visual change thats better viewed in-game...

please use for any and all projects...

the only 3rd party credit goes to whomsoever made the shotgunguy idle-frames in brutaldoom-v21 that I edited heavily for use as the regular shotgun guy...
sorry ive no idea if it was sgntmk4 or someone else... (there's no credits in the file)
all the rest are 'cut-and-shuts' of the original monster sprites edited and compiled by your truly...

I'm aware they aint perfect, by any means, but this is only a first release and as such could be considered WIP and open to any help or additional spritework from any of you in the community...
that being said, I'm +/- done with it for now so if anyone else wants to add their own or edit the existing, do post them here and I can always update the pack later...
however, please don't simply request changes or demand support for other monsters.
Its a fun little diversion I fancied doing and only posted it to share.
I've no intention of it being a massive on-going project or whatever...

here is a link to a spritesheet with all the currents sprites on it: https://www.mediafire.com/view/6a9pqg1jg322h2m/bone_idle.png/file

You could say its all kinda moot anyway as I realize you'll only ever really see them from the back or side untill you alert them, or from the front if they are in your field of view if you die or should you walk about with notarget on...
the only real chances to see them from the front angles 'naturally' would be the few occasions the monsters are visible but inactive in tnt and plutonia.
but, hell, Ive done it now so, so be it... :D
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Re: OSJC's idle anims for standard doom/doomII monsters

Wed Mar 24, 2021 3:52 pm

Nice! I like little fluff things like this!

Re: OSJC's idle anims for standard doom/doomII monsters

Sun May 02, 2021 9:45 am

why does archvile's pose reminds me of spongegar