Re: Yamaha Overdrive (Beta) / New update!

Sat Sep 04, 2021 9:57 am

I've made a small update for Yamaha Overdrive that includes a few games and some bug fixes. Unfortunately, due to how Game Music Emu works in GZDoom, the PC-98 tracks had to be converted to .ogg, which made the file size much bigger than I'd like it to be. The good news however, is that I've made a user-friendly way of adding detection of the music player, which can be easily integrated into different gameplay mods. The one built into it from Floppy Disk was a bit awkward to use for those who weren't versitile with ACS, so my method uses decorate tokens, courtesy of TerminusEst13's code for creating "silent" inventory items. I have to give major props to him for the code.

That being said, I need to give a disclaimer that the latest versions of GZDoom have an audio bug regarding Mega Drive music being played incorrectly. There are a select few tracks that produce the wrong notes or have a bad screeching noise playing throughout the song, most notably in the Comix Zone soundtrack. If you are using GZDoom, I highly recommend getting GZDoom 4.5.0, getting the zmusic.dll file from there, and putting it on your GZDoom directory. This doesn't occur with Zandronum, and I'm not sure if it happens in LZDoom, but I'd thought I'd get that out there.