Shiny Metagross's FrameIndex Generator

Tue Aug 10, 2021 6:54 pm

Hey all, I decided I would share my first batch script I have ever made, so I am sure there is a lot I could do better. This script is designed for models that have hundreds of frames and/or tons of parts, thus being easier on your eyes, and shaving off several minutes of your time (and mistakes). I will go over the parameters and usages of this script:

1) Set a prefix name (I.E. "HL"): This is ideally a 2 letter identification you use in your sprites. If you are making a gameplay mod that is heavily modeled involved, like a Quake TC, you could use something like Q1. You can use whatever you want really, though that is the intended use case.
2) Set a prefix starting number (I.E. "00"): This is the number that you want to count up. You could use other values, but the intended use case is a double digit number.
3) Amount of keyframes: This is the amount of keyframes. If you are looking at a tool like Noesis, you want to subtract 1 from this amount.
4) Amount of frames between (greater than 0): Just an integer value. Do not use 0, because it appears to write endlessly.
5) Amount of parts minus 1: This is the amount of parts your model has minus 1. So if your model is just 1 part, then you just put 0.

If people like this script enough, then I will work on a way to make it so you can just insert a sprite name, though this will only generate (29 * amount of parts) frame indices. A way around this is you can fill the prefix name 4 characters (I.E. Doom), and put nothing for the prefix starting number. It will count past 0, but you can use a Replace All on the frame indices you would like to replace with a different sprite name.