Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Tue May 09, 2017 9:21 am

I am asking because I saw this feature in Rocket Launcher.

While the PWAD folder (which basically already exists as "External Files") would be meant for anything that has custom levels, the mod folder would hold only files to modify the game - e.g. widescreen statusbars, music packs, blood color mods and whatever you can think of. It's about splitting the External Files section into two for better organization. The downside of this may be that the GUI gets more cluttered with a second big file window. If you are working on something similar already anyway, maybe I'll wait and see how it turns out. ^^

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Sun May 14, 2017 8:15 am

Good Morning!

I started useing this like last week and it replaced both ZDL and DoomRPG Luncher! , However there are some things that i fell need inprovement

1st. The drag and drop from the external files area does not sean to work properly, its there but not in the way i would expect-it to behave

2nd. The (Botton?) for bottom to top file precedence does not sean to work.

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Wed May 31, 2017 10:01 pm

ZDE version? Operating system?
File precedence is set in the Options menu, the little triangle is just a LED-like thingie :P (More like a nixie-tube). Though it could be used to control the option as well, I may get around to it :P
What is the expected behaviour in the external file list that you're not getting? The external file list is more like a drop target than a drag source.

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:59 am

Just realized that the Strife Veteran Edition is not recognized by ZDE yet. GZDoom officially supports it now since its latest official v3.1.0 release.

Current SVE has following data info:

File name: sve.wad
Current version: v1.3
Size: 102.407.969 Bytes
MD5: 47958a4fea8a54116e4b51fc155799c0

(Note: strife1.wad and voices.wad are still required.)
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Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:12 am

Sorry for takeing ages to respond to you bloodbat.

Basic i pick a file say a gameplay mod.
I espected that when i drag and drop it it would be placed where i droped it.

Insted its placed at random. (Or at least fells like random).
Thus i have to use the move buttons. (it not bad for small set-ups and most of then are).

Thankfuly the profile set-up resolves the problem since you can put everything then turn them on and off when needed.

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:14 am

Requesting support for 2 more IWADs:

Blade of Agony: Chapter 2
File name: boa_c2.pk3
Current version: v2.0
Size: 575.904.418 Bytes
MD5: a07c6bb6067a2df07215d47f7111eff4

Rise of the Wool Ball
File name: rotwb.wad
Available versions: v1.1, v1.2
Sizes: 20.826.566 Bytes | 20.593.000 Bytes
MD5: 38cb10aee135ccb92a96c0184d244ed3 | fb0226e3fed7a3c1e7ea4cd4da905950
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Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:13 pm

I'll ponder about SVE.WAD again...since I did consider it before and concluded it wasn't really an IWAD...but ZDoom supports it, so that sheds a different light (out of curiosity, what does it specifically do? I haven't bothered to try my veteran edition with ZDoom).
As for Blade of Agony and Rise of the Wool, if ZDoom considers them IWADs, so shall ZDE, if it doesn't...then it won't.
Thing about IWADs is that ZDE doesn't consider just the hash or content or whatever, I try to offer several other things like map names and difficulty names, so it's a bit of work.
It isn't placed at random, it's placed at the bottom of the list, to be honest, considering the time I have these days to devote to ZDE, that won't change, as when I have time to work on it, I prefer to write other stuff I consider more useful or that has been in the backlog for a while. Patches for review are most welcome, though.

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:21 am

Personally, I am using GZDoom, and since ZDoom is discontinued, I think GZDoom's IWAD support should matter. And it does support all these entries by now. Of course, you could always run them as external files, but it's not an ideal solution.

As for SVE: I haven't played it by myself yet, but a quick look at the wad reveals that it's mostly about widescreen graphics and revamped maps with improved visuals (gl defs etc). I don't think they added additional levels, so the definitions you already have in place for the original game should work just fine.

In the meantime, Rise of the Wool Ball v1.2 has been released. I have added the MD5 hash to my post above.

If it helps to speed things up a bit, here are the difficulty levels and map names of ROTWB:

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:40 am

I use GZDoom as well, but haven't been aware of recent developments :P, of course GZDoom's IWAD support matters, since it's the one in active development :)
I've been aware ZDoom has been discontinued for a while, as you point out, but I didn't really think support for new game IWADs would be added or needed; considering the state of affairs the new source for supported IWADs will be GZDoom's iwadinfo.txt. It does, indeed, include BOA and Wool ball, I'll add support for them in ZDE shortly, hopefully. SVE.WAD will be added to the MD5 collection, as it can't be used standalone, yet it is an IWAD. While I'll be on the subject, I should complete the list properly, going through the file I also noticed these two:
-Delaweare (Doom)
-DOOM: Complete: WadSmoosh
The WadSmoosh thing's a PK3, I think someone mentioned it here a while ago, is there a definitive MD5 for it? Which games does it include...are they only the latest versions? I gave quite a boring explanation, numbers included, on the problem of versioning it, so, any insights you guys can offer on that...or should we simply not care about the version and just acknowledge it is there, pass it to GZDoom and get on with it? Is map warping possible? The warping difference is quite clear when dealing with Doom 1 and 2 (ExMx vs MAPxx)...then it gets confusing, I guess, when we throw say...Final Doom into the mix, is that handled at all? Also any info on Delaweare?
For Wool: there's no name for nightmare mode?
As for sve.wad...I meant what it supplies vs the standard IWADs, that are the same as the original. Doom wiki's "helpful" insight: "Instead a new data file, SVE.wad, contains modified and supplemental content"...and yep, looking at it with a wad editor reveals much of the same content. Perhaps some are better quality assets?
@NightFright As usual, thanks a bunch for your info :)
As a quick clarification to people that ask for x, y or z IWAD support in ZDE: if it got at some point in the list mentioned above (from GZDoom's source), make me aware of it, make sure to mention it is in that list, I'll add it when I get some time, if it isn't there...I won't.

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:30 am

I think support for Doom Complete will be quite hard because it can contain a variety of iwads: Doom (+ Ultimate), Doom II (+ BFG), TNT, Plutonia, Master Levels... in any combination. You won't find a definitive hash for these files, especially since updates for the wad "smooshing" process are still released which yield different files every time a new update is available, even for the exact same content. I think the safest way is just to detect "smooshed.txt" within the pk3 file and recognize it this way. Dunno if your launcher can pull that off, though.

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:14 pm

Yes, it can parse pk3 and detect it, that's a good idea, thanks :) is underway for version 2 of ZDE, it will incorporate some of the stuff discussed before and support for some stuff mentioned above. In the mean time, a new beta for the 1 series is out.
ZDE 2 will not support loading/converting profiles with versions lower than 11 (i.e. The ones updated or created with this beta). A bulk profile converter will follow shortly.
New stuff:
-Relative path support, your profiles and config files will be updated automagically after selecting the option, though, until you're sure everything's working as it should, keeping backups is recommended, as usual, if problems arise be sure to tell me!
-Ability to change the global delay for external programs.
-Fix: extension filters to detect both lower and uppercase files.
-Fix: Harmony presented version when passed through WAD identifier.
-Fix: Freedoom difficulty names.
-The arrow L.E.D for external files is now clickable and mimicks menu option, as per some comment before.
-Fix: don't crash when loading profiles with non present or incomplete data, ZDE will load what it can and notify about missing stuff.
-Important interface change: Ctrl needs to be pressed now when using page up and page down to rearrange external file list, this is done to preserve the control's original behaviour.
-Miscelaneous fixes and tweaks, some stuff is clearer now.

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:37 pm

Keep up the good work then. ZDE has been my go to launcher since its first release. Can't live without it.

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:10 am

This is very good sofware. I also have crash problem with ZDL. ZDL crashed many times it was very annoying. This work and profiles is very nice addition. Keep work up. :)

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:08 am

Bug: relative paths break loading of config files.

Re: ZDoom Executor new ZDoom (and related projects) Frontend

Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:59 am

@Someone64: Are you using the latest beta, if so, what is the error it spews, what is your OS, etc. etc. Probably important and related information: do your path names contain spaces?

Thanks for your encouragement and use of ZDE guys :D, I'm glad you find it useful.

A new version of the profile updater has been released. The tool has been overhauled to update profiles for the latest beta version, gearing toward the release of ZDE2. It shouldn't be used to update profiles meant to be utilized with versions older than the latest beta! For older versions use the profile updater available in the "misc" folder at Sourceforge. This new version of the tool can be found in the "beta" folder, same as the latest ZDE beta. I would encourage you, as usual, to backup your profiles before using it, but now the tool does it for you, unless instructed not to :P
Check the README.txt in the packed distribution for information about this and several other useful tidbits.