What's replaced Dehacked these days?

Mon Sep 06, 2021 12:34 pm

Hey guys. I'm an old(er) Doom modder from back before Zdoom etc. Anyone remember dehacked.exe? I used to play around with that so much, modding the Doom exe to have rapid-fire shotguns, convert the Plasma rifle into a flamethrower using the puff sprite, etc. Is there a modern equivalent?

Re: What's replaced Dehacked these days?

Mon Sep 06, 2021 1:20 pm

Oh boy, you're in the right place. There's all sorts of ways to do it, from basic state-based scripts to a full fledged programming language.

DECORATE and ZScript are ZDoom's bread and butter for such things.


(Mad respect for the old mod stuff by the way, we folk have it sooo much easier now :P )

Re: What's replaced Dehacked these days?

Mon Sep 06, 2021 1:23 pm

[edit]The following was posted before I saw nova++'s post[/edit]

If you still want DEHACKED functionality, then you can actually still get it to run under DOSBox - with all the finicky DeHacked setup and ini tweaking.

More likely, if you still want to create DeHacked patches, then WhackEd might be more suitable. https://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4/

If you want to modify the game, define your own monsters/weapons/other actors and so much more then you are starting to get into port-specific solutions that are unlikely to work in anything other than their intended port.

Our very own GZDoom has its own ZScript which is a very comprehensive programming language for altering many aspects of the game and the older DECORATE which can be simpler to use but is largely deprecated in favour of ZScript.

The 3DGE port has its own system which is also quite powerful, and ports such as Doomsday (and derivatives such as Risen3D) have definition files that can be modified. Other ports are likely to have their own systems too. I'm just not that familiar with them.

For the most part these days, DeHacked patches are not often used for much more than changing text (level names, end game messages etc) for maps that are targetted at cross port compatibility. Anything more advanced is usually handled by port-specific modifications.

Re: What's replaced Dehacked these days?

Mon Sep 06, 2021 1:25 pm

I think dehacked is still used by pretty much every source port, so while it's still old and limited it hasn't actually gone away completely, a lot of mods still use it because of that.
But if you're making something for GZDoom as nova++ said, decorate and zscript are the way to go.