stuck in Z1M8 - KDiZD

Sun Aug 01, 2021 9:56 am

Im stuck in Knee Deep in Zdoom. I reach Z1M8 but in star room where you teleport to another dimension. This teleport don´t begin after kill some monsters...

I´m using this:

Doom Launcher with GZDOOM 4.7 pre 80

The order is:

Ultimate Doom Wad
KDiZD-Lite_V2 (Knee Deep in Zdoom 1.2)
T64 - Main Monsters
T64- Custom Monsters
T64 - Hud
T64 - Weapons
T64 - Weapons (GZDoom 4.5 Patch)
KDiZD Disable Glows

What should i do? :?

Re: stuck in Z1M8 - KDiZD

Sun Aug 01, 2021 10:05 am

It is possible that your monster mods are preventing the script from working correctly.

Re: stuck in Z1M8 - KDiZD

Mon Aug 02, 2021 3:33 am

Grondobx wrote: .... stuff

What should i do? :?

Instead all of them at once, I would suggest to load one resource first then add the next one and then the next, until the error reoccurs.
Then, if an error shows up, eliminate the last one and load the next one on the list. And so on.

If that does not help, then provide links for the resources so that we can try for ourselves, and solve the problem.

Re: stuck in Z1M8 - KDiZD

Wed Aug 04, 2021 6:08 pm

I try one to one, and something weird happen. With only megawad (KDiZD) teleport never happen too...

Here is the places where i get all of this:

GZDoom: I Grab it from here: : gzdoom-x64-g4.7.0pre-80-g2d0a876ab.7z
Ultimate Doom I get it from GOG (Maybe original Ultimate Doom have some scripts different from GOG or Steam version?)
KDiZD Lite V2 : I get it from here:
T64 Stuff:
KDiZD Disable Glows: It´s in knee deep in zdoom lite .zip

Re: stuck in Z1M8 - KDiZD

Wed Aug 04, 2021 6:11 pm

Sorry for double posting but i think adding log from gzdoom when start all stuff could help.

I think i attached correctly...
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Re: stuck in Z1M8 - KDiZD

Thu Aug 05, 2021 9:26 pm

It might be an issue with KZDiZD itself. The teleport is activated by scripts 84 and 85 after all the monsters with tid 41 are killed. Those include the demons in the star shaped room and some hell knights and barons in a hidden teleport closet. When the player enters to the star shaped room the floor in front of the knights and barons is lowered and their teleport exposed.

The problem could be in that the hell knights and barons are woken up only by the player's noise in the early area of the acid pool and barrels around it. (Check out from UDB.) If the player ignores the spawning demons and goes through it without a single shot and lets the doors to close behind before shooting, or uses a weapons mod with some stealth piece, the knights and barons keep on sleeping and they won't wake up from elsewhere.

To quickly test this start map z1m8 and type to the console:

warp 416 2464
Walk to the room and wake up the demons. Fire a pistol. No knights or barons.
warp 340 -40
Fire a pistol.
warp 416 2464
Knights and barons have arrived.

Re: stuck in Z1M8 - KDiZD

Fri Aug 06, 2021 3:36 pm

Matilda Morrywell wrote:warp 340 -40
Fire a pistol.
warp 416 2464
Knights and barons have arrived.

This work for me.

So when i arrive to that instance for the first time i have to shoot? and then clean monsters in level and teleport from star room will work?

It´s weird because in that instance appears a lot of monsters later when you get blue key. So kill monsters without barrels?

I suppose that KDiZD can´t be modified to solve this?