Information of the GADoom source port

Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:33 am

After approaching both Enjay and Gez regarding information for this, i now turn to the public for the following:

You may or may not have been aware of my little documentation project i have been working on - and to good results. You can find that here.

This research thread is in regards to a port mostly known to ZDoom - GADoom. It was in development during November-December 2003 as a ZDoom source port. Its developer, GameArena (Sadly last login over a year ago) was experimenting with sprite based particles and more. It all started with this post, from November 1, 2003.

Ive managed to find the following threads and posts, based on various versions:
version release post, latest version
version release post
version release post
version release thread
version release thread
GADoom release thread, i assume version
First pre-alpha release, still as ZDoom, October 7, 2003

They all link to an URL that does not have archived (Sadly).
By February 2004, GameArena thought of starting a new mod using a more recent ZDoom version. Alas, nothing came of it.
By April 2004, GameArena seemed to have stopped his work, so it was a shortlived port. No source, as it seems either. However, it is an important port to archive, because it was a clear distinguishment of ZDoom back then. As such, its historically significant and relevant.

My question:
Is there any member of the community that by sheer luck has any zip or archive or source code in possession related to GADoom?

In all due advance,

I realize that this is a rather off-chance possibility that anyone still may have these. If the resources can be considered lost, then i can always make an entry without these archives. Consider this request more one of providing completeness of the story than a standalone request.
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Re: Information of the GADoom source port

Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:12 am

Holy NecroRavioli:
After attempts in December 2019 to retrieve the port were futile, i asked around in the request thread. Again to no avail. This June, i made a last effort and asked one of the users who were active at the time of GADoom.

Thanks to Kappes Buur, GADoom has been retrieved! Both the last version and the version preceding it have been saved from obscurity.

I am currently working on a wiki article detailing what the source modification does based on the collected info. This will be up on DoomWiki and ofcourse ZDoomWiki.

Many thanks to Kappes Buur for the efforts!