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Thu Jan 20, 2022 7:36 pm

So, I played a little with Laser Justice earlier today, and I saw pretty quickly that it did not suit me at all. But it's got me wondering: Has anyone ever had the idea to try to translate the gameplay of a euroshmup(games like Tyrian or Jets'N'Guns or Raptor: Call of the Shadows) into a DooM mod?

Honestly, part of me wants to think that JNG might actually has the best basis here: one of the things you could do is treat armors the way that typical euroshmups treat changing your ship, and with JNG as a base, you could use that to alter the player's movement speed and number of weapons that can be used at once based on what armor the player has. You could start the player off with a basic "Security Vest" that would only give a minimal damage reduction and only allow the usage of basic weapons(either one two-handed weapon, like a shotgun or basic automatic weapon, maybe some types of two-handed melee weapons; or two one-handed weapons, like basic pistols or light melee weapons). Then, as the player progresses, they would be able to upgrade their armor to allow the usage of greater numbers of more powerful weapons(imagine the highest tier armors enabling you to run about at insane speed while firing off four separate BFG-tier cannons at the same time) while changing the player's movement speed and damage resistance(usually for the player's benefit, though some "joke" armors could exist that weaken the player, if they like).

The biggest issue would be developing a script the intercepts the "level complete" code and sends the player to a shop level that allows the player to buy and upgrade their gear. Then, there would have to be a script that checked what the slot was of the map the player just completed(with separate tables for episode-based mapsets like DooM 1 vs. continuous sets like DooM 2) to keep the shop progression so that the difficulty curve remains relatively consistent to vanilla, sort-of.

Anyone think this is even possible?

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Sun Jan 23, 2022 8:19 pm

An idea i want to play with in the future, but, since it makes up for a good mod, i thought i shouldn't keep it to me forever.

Also, the initial light was done by Deii in a conversation we had. So 90% of the credits should go to him:


You are a character that needs to survive in cold weather. It's freezing, and you need to keep your body temperature high. Keeping it low has severe consequences in the gameplay, such as:

- Your hands will shake and you'll miss most shots;
- You'll run slower;
- You'll shoot slower (body too cold to act fast, same thing as running);
- Reaction times (such as using an item or reloading a gun) will be slower;

The player can use tents in order to rest and restore some health (as long as there are no enemies around), start some fire to recover body heat, use flares and maybe even setting some fire with your flamethrower in order to keep warm. Medikits are MRE's and once you consume them, they also can recover bodyheat.

To achieve that code-wise, one option would be to entirely replace armor with items to replace body heat, but then again, keeping track of armor with so many checks in weapons and items would be tough. Or just make an inventory item and increase/decrease it with event handlers and apply the consequences as time goes by.

The arsenal should be located somewhere between the 50's and the 70's; a bit lower and you'll have WWII clich├ęs and not too much options regarding some categories. A bit higher than that and automatic weapons start to become something too common. Arsenal should cover the 7 basic slots and have an IOS killer as usual. Options could include an semi-auto carbine, a submachinegun, a shotgun, a magnum, a flamethrower and a pistol. Flareguns, grenades and a diverse melee catalogue would be welcome.

Anyway, just food for thought.

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Sun Jan 30, 2022 10:15 am

Is GZdoom powerful enough to do (almost) everything in this video, pinky ball included?

I know there's been imperfect but honest attempts at "remaking" (and super dishonest thievery clout-chasing attempts), but afaik there's no "mock2" on that subject that recaptures the essence of that one UE4 remake.... All it really needs are psuedo-Sweeney gaussian bloom+lens reflections and a janky ragdoll system.

Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Sun Jan 30, 2022 10:53 am

leileilol wrote:Is GZdoom powerful enough to do (almost) everything in this video, pinky ball included?

Aside from maybe the poorly implemented rag doll, I've seen pretty much all of this done in GZ Doom. To be honest, if it didn't say what it was, I might have thought it was a new build of Doomsday, because I remember those models.

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Sun Jan 30, 2022 11:53 am

Okay, how about a monster replacement pack that brings in one of the most terrifying creatures into the game?


Clowns for every enemy position, and the cyberdemon is that good old psycho Sweet Tooth, while the Mastermind is replaced by Pennywise.

The other clowns could be taken from a variety of media/games, such as the normal zombieman replaced by a generic joker clown thug using a rifle, the pinky demon replaced by Adam the clown from Dead Rising, an archvile could be Kefka and so forth.

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Sun Jan 30, 2022 3:08 pm

doom but it's an arg

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Sun Jan 30, 2022 5:56 pm

Shatter-Thought[V-4] wrote:Clowns.

This is an actual TC. I don't remember the name, but it's out there, and it's good.

Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Fri Feb 11, 2022 1:41 am

a bad doom wad about me getting raided and losing all my wads

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Sun Feb 13, 2022 8:14 pm


This mod would bring in a shop sub-menu you could bring up such as those in TreasureTech, Guncaster and so on.

This mod is intended to connect with virtually any other weapon mod that does NOT have it's own shop, (which may very well be impossible, but I am going to write out the structure for this idea anyways).

The main usage of this mod would be to suppliment players who are playing with perhaps monster packs that drop nothing on death, but they do not wish to augment the monsters with ammo drop mods, or perhaps to fine tune the supply of ammo-items should they be playing in particularly perilous and difficult maps.

Another use is to work better contextually with monster packs that are askew of the current weapon mod, such as using a more modern set of weapons against stormtroopers, which if used in conjunction with a mod that cuts enemy drops (Or modification of the monster pack itself), could work nicely with a universal shop.

Here are some basic principles for the mod I think would work well:

The "Money" can be named nearly anything the player wants with a reasonable character limit, such as say 15-20 characters, so if you want to buy items with "bottlecaps", that's fine!

The "money" you earn can be acquired in two distinct ways: The monsters are scripted to drop various treasure/cash items, or the player obtains such "money" upon killing monsters. The amount dropped can be changed by an option to give varying amounts depending on the hit points of a creature.

The first option is viscerally nice, but if the player wants to collect items from monsters perched in "turret" nests, there will be extra work required to have the items "fly" to the player, possibly through walls, which I have seen in other mods, but it is a little extra work in mind.

The setup for choosing the amount of cash monsters drop would be as such:

There would be 6 or so sliders to select amounts of money (Though the player can type in an amount as well), and the secondary option sets a max-min for the hit point variable check on deciding a monster will drop said amount (Or amount that player instantly receives if aforementioned option above is changed).
In example: the slider is set to 100 "money", while the secondary cap option is set to 150 - 300 , so monsters within that gap will drop said amount.
Care needs to be taken in that if there is overlap, the player can have the monsters drop that double amount, or they HAVE to have each hit point check be completely separate.

I have NO idea however how the weapon shop would work, but I imagine it would be pretty bare basic to work comfortably with various weapon mods so that it's not a massive pain, and that's assuming it's even possible, because while my knowledge of z-script or such is virtually nothing, I imagine it almost can't work unless the mod has a separate UI to let the player rummage through the different weapon entries to PUT in the shop because of how complex some weapons are in terms of scripting and structure.

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Wed Feb 16, 2022 8:08 am

Shatter-Thought[V-4] wrote:Clowns.

RockstarRaccoon wrote:This is an actual TC. I don't remember the name, but it's out there, and it's good.

Probably not the same thing you're thinking of but, Happy Time Circus 2 is pretty much demonic clowns. It's partly based on Stephen King's "IT".

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Sun Feb 20, 2022 3:20 pm

A mini-mod idea:

A simple pk3 that removes all monster drops. Ammo, items, weapons... you name it.

I am obviously not the only one who does this, but when i want to play mods with a "Survival Horror" feel to them, i don't increase monster strength, difficulty levels, aggresiveness or anything, i just disable monster drops, usually by editing the monster pack. Believe it or not, some maps make you starve in ammunition, and it doesn't make every monster a bullet sponge, so your ammunition would still be relevant.

It would probably be something easy to code.

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Wed Feb 23, 2022 2:59 am


Is there or Have anyone
ever try to make a Random Civilians and Marines Generator mod before?

Kinda like a mod that creates NPCs randomly that works for any map.

Kinda like Half Life having npcs for doom or maps or megawads
having something like that, but with random npcs friendly or neutral,
Like having Barny or a security guards randomly appear fighting off demons anywhere on the map,
and scientist running in panic but can drop health items for the player,
The Army guys or Marines can be fighting off the demons too and a option to have them friendly or not,
(Something like Half Life style)
and the npcs can permanently die on that stage of the map, but can drop helpful items.

And every start of a new game it's random, with a settings of how many
Security guards, scientist and Marines (good or bad or both) will spawn for each stage/map.
Like a choice 1 to 10 to random or none, for each npc.

Mu guess to get this to work... the randomly spawn/generator scripts
have to be attached to items on the map.

Meaning random npcs spawn points are the items ammo/armor/health script points or the items placements scripts.

NPCs Stats

HP: 80
Weapons & Skills: Scientist have no weapons,
He only randomly drop small med kits for the player when the player's health is below 50 or lower percent.
If the Scientist dies, he'll just drops a small med kit.
Security Guard
HP: 120
Weapons & Skills: The Security Guard only have a pistol/handgun to fight off demons/enemies.
And If he dies, he only drops the handgun and ammo for it.
HP: 200
Weapons & Skills: These guys come in two types only,
Machinegun and Shotgun and able to throw grenades.
And if they die, they drop the weapon and ammo they are carrying.

Oh and like Half life npcs your able to tell them to stay or follow you,
maybe using the Brutal friends script for that, but take away/remove the friend's teleporting to the player feature.

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Wed Feb 23, 2022 12:13 pm

So, I know I originally posted a similar idea about this in the Samsara Reincarnation thread about US Army Paratrooper Boyd Travers; but an even better character to design it around, as a separate mod not attached to anything else, has come to me:

Binary Domain, Dan Marshall, International Robotics Technology Agency, Rust Crew "Beetle Team".

Basically, it would work much the same as I described for Travers over in the Samsara thread: each kill with a given weapon adds "experience points"(or whatever you decide to use) towards upgrading that weapon, based on the spawn health of the enemy. When your "experience" reaches a certain threshold, you get a new upgrade for the weapon. Each weapon would have its experience points tracked separately, and players would have to balance whether they want to upgrade weaker weapons like pistols, which will take less time but won't match up to harder threats; or more powerful weapons like machine guns, which will take longer, but enable the player to bring down big threats MUCH easier.

The biggest problem would be making additional sprites for the upgraded forms of the weapons, being as, IIRC, Binary Domain never actually changed the appearances of any of its weapons as you upgraded them, just the statistical performance.

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Sat Feb 26, 2022 3:21 am

Playing a while with "CodeName: Hunk" zombies combined with various weapon mods gave me an idea of cute little mini-mod.

These zombies is kinda tough (in a way of HP) and sometimes they requires a lot of ammo to be killed. This is a half of problem, 'cause they are not dropping anything, but replaces former humans, former sergeants and heavy weapon dudes as well.

A solution can be made in a way of small module that allows random drops from killed enemies (rather it may be a "bullet clip" or "shotgun shells" with rare occurrences of "5 health/armor bonuses").

Yes, I can just enable "MK-Crits" (which sometimes just crashes with some weapon mods, sadly) or just use an homemade "Difficulty Easier" (with monster health that divided by 2 or something), but this module just can be a nice addition to someone's mods collection.

As nice addition - it can be fully compatible with various weapon mods, that replaces ammo types (like, "ammo for revolver" instead of just Doom's "bullet clip").

Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Sat Feb 26, 2022 6:34 pm

In some Discord servers I'm in I had an idea of a "Universal Fishing Minigame" mod where you would have a bind to use "the fishing rod" which you could use on water flats, and depending on the flat texture you could get different fish (blood and lava give you hell fish, nukage and maybe brown waters give you mutant fish, blue water gives you "normal" fish), also a chance to fish random trash (also fitting to each theme I guess), and a menu to either "eat" the fish to gain HP or sell them to get points to eventually upgrade your fishing rod (I have 2 updates in mind beyond the basic "wood fishing rod", those being a "metal UAC brand fishing rod" and a "demonic hell fishing rod", which would increase the chances of getting "rare fish" (which would restore more health when "eaten" and would sell for more points maybe), the trash items would only give 1 credit/point tho (being mostly useless), depending on the rarity of the fish you get more points/credits for the upgrades, idk, just an idea, I also had ideas for some types of fish that can appear, the basic hell fish types could be: Cacofish (like a blowfish but Caco-themed), Revefish (a Revenant/skeleton fish), Rotfish (from Quake), and for the nukage/mutant fishes there could be three-eyed fish (Simpsons reference), Half Life's Itchyosaur (as a rare fish), and one of the rarest fish could be the Dopefish thingy.

Also when I say universal I kinda mean that it could be loaded with other mods because I'd be nice to go fishing for a bit after killing all monsters on the map lol, and gameplay mods would make it even more fun idk