[ZScript] Easy Dual Wield library

Wed Sep 01, 2021 10:22 am

Easy Dual Wield is a base weapon class defined in ZScript that is designed to make it a bit easier to define akimbo weapons.
The idea is to have a base weapon class that allows defining a dual-wield weapon where each gun consumes different types of ammo, can be fired independently by using Fire/Altfire buttons, and can be (optionally) reloaded independently. All of these things can be pretty difficult to get right without a lot of hackery, so Easy Dual Wield is supposed to make it easier.

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/jekyllgrim/Easy-Dual ... s/main.zip

Readme/Documentation: https://github.com/jekyllgrim/Easy-Dual ... grim-payne

Video: https://lowkey.gg/v/e49fa974-d734-4a80- ... 7b6868e9f8

Note: This library does NOT allow you to actually use two entirely separate weapons together. (It's theoretically doable but it's much harder and that's something somebody else is working on, to my knowledge.) Easy Dual Wield is aimed specifically at the weapons that already combine two guns, primarily two different guns.