Monster: Rocket Guy

Tue Jul 06, 2021 5:40 am

I'm not great at sprite editing yet, I've mostly done 8bit stuff and it's a struggle to work with a higher range of colors, but I think this one is kind of a fun design and wanted to share it, and I would happily get some critique and pointers on how to improve.

The idea is this: A nazi soldier that has been cybernetically enhanced by the forces of hell, his arms chopped off and replaced by rocket launchers, his lower body torn off and replaced by a rocket engine.

Basically a cacodemon with less HP and more fire power, when he dies he explodes, dealing damage to anyone around him, he also has a small chance of his fuel running out, making him fall to the ground, laying on his back, totally helpless, rendering him little more then a standard explosive barrel.

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