[Code/concept + some resources] F-Zero GZ (?)

Sat Jun 05, 2021 9:51 am

So, I figured I'd put this out there where people can notice it.

Eons ago, I tried my luck at an ACS-based F-Zero TC for GZDoom. It didn't pan out, but I wound up learning a great deal and this was critical in easing me into full-fledged game dev.

I'm still fairly and probably too proud of what I came up with in terms of features, and figured somebody might be courageous enough to try and make something decent out of this mess using the features GZDoom gained since then.

  • F-Zero in Doom
  • One entire track, four machines with different properties
  • Functional accel/max speed slider
  • SNES and X boost modes
  • White-knuckle 35fps racing

Spoiler: Screens

Grab it on my Drive here.

To play, just start a new game and you'll be taken to the track map. You can also type "map anticlimax" in the console.

Note: For the game to play properly, you'll have to set cl_capfps to true. This is, or at least was a limitation of ACS back then.