[Duke Nukem 3D] No Slimes

Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:17 am

I threw this together a while back, so I might as well chuck it here.

NOSLIME.CON (Right Click Save As)

This is a small EDuke32 script that attempts to remove all Protozoid Slimers (the green facehugger monsters) from the game. A bunch of people really don't like them no matter how ineffective they are, so here's a way to strike them from the record. This tries to cover all the use cases (dustbins, RESPAWN actors etc.), but in the worst case scenario they'll spawn just long enough to make their wake-up sound before getting deleted from the game world.

jBlade, the author of the AMC TC, more or less wrote all of this, I basically just did some copy/pasting to taste. Go thank him!

To autoload it with base Duke3D (at least until there's a solution for more additive mod loading), create a text file in the Duke3D game directory called EDUKE.CON and add the following to it:
include GAME.CON

You can also load it into other mods by adding "include NOSLIME.CON" alongside all the other CON includes.

Re: [Duke Nukem 3D] No Slimes

Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:59 pm


This mod does not work with the impending 0.7 release of Raze, and will likely never work with Raze again. Sorry to disappoint.