Vanilla Essence by Pixel Eater [Mod][Any]

Sun May 12, 2019 6:58 am

"Correct way of playing Doom". This strange term shows up from time to time. What is the correct way of playing Doom?

It's simple. There is the only correct way of playing Doom (and any other game): the one that you enjoy. If the game doesn't bring you fun, you're playing it wrong, or you're playing the wrong game. Some games are meant to be played in a certain fashion, and cannot be tweaked or modified to one's liking. Fortunately, it's not the case for Doom.

Since December 23, 1997, when id Software released the engine source code, there is no single mandatory way of playing Doom. The fact of publishing under a permissive license signifies that a program is meant to be changed and developed further. In a way, every source port is encouraged directly by id, including GZDoom.

This engine contains many additions to the original Doom engine, and a lot of the original code was replaced. With extensive modding capabilities, it allows even more radical shifts in gameplay and visual style. It made possible creating standalone games that barely resemble the first-person shooter from 1993.

But in its core, in its soul, GZDoom remains an engine to run Doom and its derivatives. It continues to support a surprising amount of the vanilla gameplay mechanics, including options for id Tech 1 engine limitations and even bugs. Finding and fiddling with all the settings may be tedious, and this is where Vanilla Essence mod comes in handy.

Vanilla Essence started off as a simple shortcut menu, grouping together GZDoom options that make the game behave and look more like the original Doom. Now, it includes a key that toggles between the default mode and vanilla mode.

(images are clickable)

You can also configure how strong the vanilla flavor will be by tailoring the settings to your heart's content. For each option, Vanilla Essence hints what value conforms to the original, which is very convenient.

There are options for the game behavior, appearance, lighting, special effects, sound, and user interface.

Vanilla essence not only highlights the options that are already present in GZDoom but adds its own feature: configurable low resolution.

With this mod, you can easily have any combination of vanilla and modern dooming. For example, this is a combination of dynamic lights, brightmaps, and low resolution:

Or play with any gameplay mod and have near-1993 experience:

With GZDoom and Vanilla Essence, everyone can find their own favorite color on the wide and deep dooming spectrum.

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Re: Vanilla Essence by Pixel Eater [Mod][Any]

Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:39 pm

Retro MS-DOS resolution is to me, it's a double dealer. Sometimes it makes the game great and gives retro-feel to it, but also makes it almost blurry and bland. But it seems this Addon is doing its job right without making it unbalanced! This Addon is possibly the accurate and faithful to the old retro resolution. And feels pretty nice using it.

Kudos for Pixel Eater for this impressive graphical tweaker!

Re: Vanilla Essence by Pixel Eater [Mod][Any]

Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:45 pm

Best mod ever. It's useful when confronting the odious possibility that a slaughter-map will chafe your system setup and you don't need to verify extreme long distances. So, F5 and boom, diminished visuals but improved performance.

Re: Vanilla Essence by Pixel Eater [Mod][Any]

Fri Jan 01, 2021 12:36 pm

Would be nice to see 21:9 as one of the 'appearance' options.