If Monsters can use, Players Don't Usefail

Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:45 am

Another in the series known as "trivial engine quirks that almost certainly don't matter":

If a line is set so that monsters can use it, but players can't, if the player tries to use the line, you don't hear his "oof" sound when he does so.

I know it's really not a big deal but I noticed it when setting up a lift/platform that the player operates by a recessed switch. However, I wanted the monsters to be able to operate the lift too, so I made the front of the lift monster activatable. Then I noticed that if the player tried to move the lift by pressing the front of it, rather than the switch, he did so silently. So, it kind of broke the illusion that the front of the lift was just a normal line but it's not exactly a big deal.

The attached file demonstrates it.

The left lift is operated by the player normally.

The middle lift is almost the same but instead of having a player use activation, it only has a monster use one. (This can be verified by summoning a monster near it - sooner or later the monster will cause the lift to lower.) If the player tries to use this lift, he doesn't make a noise.

The right lift isn't a lift at all. It's just a pillar that shows that if the player uses such a structure, you can hear the "oof".

I'm going to guess that this is almost certainly not a bug but better to report than not I suppose.
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