Totally Frozen affects the intermission count

Sat Dec 19, 2020 2:13 pm

I just noticed this when working on a map (with GZDoom 4.5.0):

The player has PROP_FROZEN when he activates a script that ends a map, the intermission "count up" happens normally.

If the player has PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN when he activates a script that ends a map, the intermission screen skips the "count up" and the tallies just go straight to their completed condition.

I assume that Frozen is correct and that TotallyFrozen is doing something that it shouldn't.

Try the attached map. Load it up (Doom2 map01) and use the console to puke script 1. This will teleport you to the cage and set Frozen. Press your use key and then touch nothing. The intermission count will happen normally.

Repeat the above but puke script 2 instead. The script is identical except that it gives the player totallyfrozen instead of just frozen. This time when you press use, the intermission should jump straight to a completed screen with all the counts already filled in.

Script 1 (void)
   SetPlayerProperty(1,1, PROP_FROZEN);

Script 2 (void)
   SetPlayerProperty(1,1, PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN);

I think it depends on how the player is frozen at the moment when the exit line is activated. I tried removing the TotallyFrozen property in a script before calling Exit_Normal and the effect was still the same.
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