[4.4.2] Alternative HUD statistics get reset on hub re-entry

Tue Oct 20, 2020 2:47 pm

I played Hexen with fake coop (By typing "map map01 coop" in the console) and noticed with the alternative HUD enabled,
that every time you revisit a map from a hub,
the kills, items and secrets counters all get reset,
so it appears as if you killed no enemies, got no items and found no secrets.
Automap statistics work fine however, problem is you can only view them if alt HUD is disabled.

Re: [4.4.2] Alternative HUD statistics get reset on hub re-e

Tue Oct 20, 2020 11:28 pm

It looks like the alternative HUD draws three values for each level statistic:

  1. individual value for the current player (multiplayer only!)
  2. value for the current level
  3. total value for the current level
i.e. how many kills/items/secrets you have made/found personally, how many of them have been made/found in the current level so far, and how many of them are present on the current level in total.

In single player, the individual counters are absent, and they are the ones that get reset between map transitions. The level's current/total values do not get reset, I've just checked that myself. So I think this is not a bug, but rather an unimplemented feature - level serialization doesn't save individual statistics for each player.

(BTW, I didn't know these individual counters existed, might be a good idea to add them to my own mod too.)