Dynamic lights sometimes don't move along with objects

Thu Oct 15, 2020 2:29 am

Dynamic lights sometimes don't move along with objects

It seems that in certain cases dynamic lights attached to objects (e.g. decorations) will not move with them when the floor those objects are placed on is raised or lowered.

I couldn't reproduce this in an isolated test map, but here's a map where this can be reproduced reliably: EPIC MAP02. Use the following command-line parameters (and make sure to autoload lights.pk3):

gzdoom -file epic.wad -iwad doom2 -warp 2 -nomonsters +"warp -4064 -5504"

Then do the following:

  1. Press the switch on your left side. The elevator to your right will come up. There are two candles on it. (These ones do not manifest buggy behavior)
  2. Now step onto the elevator. You will be silently teleported to another area of the map. There are also two candles here, but they don't seem to have any dynamic lights. This is not expected behavior.
  3. Press the switch in front of you to lower the elevator. Now that it's come down, the candles seem to have dynamic lights again.

Tested in GZDoom 4.3.1, 4.4.2, and g4.5pre-256-gaa16fefd8