Re: Changes to the modern Unity versions of Doom

Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:33 pm

JPL wrote:I'm not sure there's any existing functionality that will make it look right.

Yep, there isn't at the moment. Horizontal scrollers and widescreens have been a stumbling block, so the widescreen image support was not extended to them yet.

I guess the Unity update forces the issue by providing an official implementation to use as a reference.

Re: Changes to the modern Unity versions of Doom

Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:27 pm

JPL wrote:The one thing I can't make work 100% is the episode 3 bunny scroller.

I don't think it'll ever look right. As it is, the original image is sized and laid out such that certain elements come in to view at a specific time relative to the music; the guitars start just as the signs of destruction come into view, and the music picks up as more destruction becomes apparent. Simply extending the width of the image and widening the display ratio to show more of the image will throw that off. You could work around it by redesigning the image, moving elements around to ensure they come into view at the proper time, and adjusting the amount the image scrolls, but it would have to be specific to a given display ratio. I don't think it would be possible to have a single-image-for-all-ratios like the non-scrolling backgrounds, since it would need more work than adding on to the sides.