png enterpic icons misplaced when forced ratio

Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:42 pm

First, sorry if it's not posted in the right place. I'm not sure where to post it since i'm not sure where's exactly the issue. Also sorry if this issue has been posted before. I checked but haven't found any thread about it.

I'm making a pk3 that uses custom enterpics between each levels. Note that the map picture lump used is a jpeg larger than the 300x200 recommended but uses the same ratio (900x600, 3x bigger). The icons are PNGs. The INT_ lumps are all set, the icons are appearing at the expected places, everything is right.

Except when the "forced ratio" setting is played with. I made a video to make it more explicit. As you can see, (especially at the X icon at the bottom right) the icons are moving of place depending of the forced ratio, sometimes being really misplaced.

- I tested on vanilla doom1 and strangely the glitch doesn't occur.
- I tested with the map at the exact size of 320x200. The problem occurs.

I know it's not a huge ass breaking bug but it had to be mentionned. Feel free to ask for more info if needed.

(Also, note that the INT lumps must not have a txt extension to work, even in a pk3. Which can also count as a bug)