Missiles fired by A_FireBullets don't get offsets

Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:28 pm

I'm experiencing a weird issue where missiles created by A_FireBullets don't receive correct offset at close distances (around 400 units), instead their offset is 0.

The behavior is showcased here: https://streamable.com/r46ak

It's shown in the current version of Beautiful Doom, but I'm also attaching a barebones example in a pk3, and the same issue can be observed with it.

GZDoom version is g55e00f350.

I added a message showing distance when fired but the distance factor is inconsistent; the bug may appear or not appear at the same distances. The problem lies specifically with the missiles part of the function, because the bullets are offset correctly (which can be seen by bulletpuffs or blood on monsters).

UPD: the issue may be connected to the fact that missiles are aimed at puffs, and puffs don't normally spawn if a monster was hit.

UPD2: yes, this is definitely it. If the puff used has +PUFFONACTORS, the missiles will get the correct offset at any distance.
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Re: Missiles fired by A_FireBullets don't get offsets

Fri Apr 05, 2019 10:47 am

This was one of these unfortunate external code submissions that were just broken by design. To be honest, this code should never have been added to that function.