Various KeySection Fixes (new doosk fixes!)

Thu May 13, 2021 7:21 pm

Are you tired of seeing error messages when playing vanilla doom after playing a mod that doesn't save your inputs correctly? Do you not know how to fix that yourself? Well, I made a few patches for mods I generally play that have this issue! (It's not a lot but more on that in a second.)

Firstly, all these patches REQUIRE the original mods to work! Just load them after the main mod and you're set!

I have 5 mod patches at the current moment, those being:

QCDE v2.7:
Lambda (April/05/2021):
Vanilla Essense 4.3:
Hideous Destructor 4.5.0b:
Doosk "Monsters update":

For a deeper look into what each patch fixes and adds, check the spoiler below!

For those wondering "why have these? I can just do this myself", I mainly made this for my own personal use. I use to just edit the mod itself but that felt odd to me personally, so I decided to just give them simple patches to not have to edit the mod's files themselves. And since I made them (not claiming it was exactly hard to do, though,) I decided I'd share them for anybody who wanted them!

Without further ado, here is a link to the folder with the patches I currently have:

If you have a mod in mind that has this issue, where the binds leak into your vanilla doom bindings, do let me know! Depending on the mod I will be happy to make a patch for it!

Also for the Hideous Destructor patch, and well all of them really but it only applies to the HD one now, the new binds will ALWAYS appear on the bottom of the list in customize controls, as it is just how patches work with that. So if you can't find the new reload and zoom keys and such in the customize controls menu scroll down!

And for any moderators on this forum:
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Re: Various KeySection Fixes

Fri May 14, 2021 2:40 am

As far to my knowledge, Doom Incarnate and Doosk/Dooskeretic don't have keysections to call their own.

Re: Various KeySection Fixes

Fri May 14, 2021 12:17 pm

1 issue with Doosk really is that, bosses that replace the Cyberdemon & Spider Mastermind, an have an issue if there suppose to trigger something within the game. specially if you're playing with the DUSK enemies. so like say, you're playing Tower Of Babel with DUSK enemies. and you fought Big John. when he dies. the level doesn't end. basically softlocking you from beating the episode. same with the final level of episode 4. killing the DUSK replacement of the Spider Mastermind, doesn't lower the thing needed to allow you to exit the level

Re: Various KeySection Fixes (new doosk fixes!)

Fri May 14, 2021 6:49 pm

ShockwaveS08 wrote:As far to my knowledge, Doom Incarnate and Doosk/Dooskeretic don't have keysections to call their own.

Added doosk fixes! I never actually used doosk's bindings so I never knew this. I will eventually get to making a Doom Incarnate patch as well, doosk was just easier at the moment lmao.