Re: [p18] Reelism 2 - v0.65 - Status Report (Jackpots!)

Tue May 11, 2021 3:16 pm

While I like the mod so far, I do have one complaint about its weapon selection - the shotguns feel woefully weak. It feels as though even dual klobbs can outpace the damage output of even the double-barreled shotgun.

Beyond that, I've been having fun! I hope to see more soon!

Re: [p18] Reelism 2 - v0.65 - Status Report (Jackpots!)

Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:42 am

I've been enjoying it! BTW, I have some Ideas for Slots
Slot 1:
To flip or not to Flip: Upside Down Screen!
Pitiful Pop-Ups: Pop-ups showing random Doom Mods appear!
Self Competition: Enemies will Engage in-fighting!

Slot 2:
Stupid Fighting Robots: Megaman 8-bit Death Match weapons
Not-So-Extreme Toys: Extreme Weapons pack Weapons
Dressed to Kill: La Tailor girl Weapons
Family of Computing: Combined Arms Weapon
Bootleg Wario land: Treasure Tech Weapons
Girly Bounty Hunter: Metroid Prime Weapons
In Soviet Russia, War Declares you!: Russian overkill Weapons

Slot 3:
Everything by Everyone (Industrialists, Barbarians, Grunts, Madness Zombies, Area 51 Soldiers, and other Newgrounds Enemies!)
Meet Mii in Seattle (Miitopia Enemies)
Yo Joe! (Various Joe Robots from Megaman)
Replicas to Smash about (Fighting Polygon Team, Fight Wireframe Team, Fighting Alloy Team, and the Fighting Mii Team)
Bad to the Nik (SRB2 Enemies)

Bosses (Enemies that assist in the Boss Rush (I miss that mode!)):
Industrial Machine MK-II (Assisted by industrialists and Fencers)
Wily Machine 69 (Assisted by Sniper Joes)
The Kinsies Frog (Assisted by Snapperpoles and Pufferpoles)
Brak Eggman V2 (Assisted by Egg Guards and Robo-Hoods)
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Re: [p18] Reelism 2 - v0.65 - Status Report (Jackpots!)

Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:22 pm

I really enjoyed this mod! also, I'm looking forward to the upcoming v1.00 release soon.
Anyways, I've got some ideas for some jackpots and bosses.

It's just a burning mod...: All the monsters disappear, but a unique enemy is stalking in the shadows...
TOTAL SILENCE: All of the sounds and music is muted.
Mod piracy is a crime: You shouldn't create a pirated copy of Reelism 2...
Arachno-Banger: transform into a Spider Mastermind for just 60 seconds in the round.
Coffee Break: Freezes everything in time for 60 seconds.
MAXIMUM EXTERMINATION: Daleks spawn in the map.

Hellspawned Duo: A team up of Drlilwhitemouse's monsters, Hell's Battery and HammerHound.
The Wario Apparition: Wario will show you fun!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Imps: Heroes in a imp shell, imp power!

Re: [p18] Reelism 2 - v0.65 - Status Report (Jackpots!)

Sat Jun 12, 2021 3:13 pm

More Slots and Boss Ideas!

Slot 1:
Party like it's 2006: The Screen will Cycle colors like a Failed Movie Maker Project
iReelism 2: If you like iReelism check out the Sequel's Mobile Port!

Slot 2:
Terrarmory: Terraria Weapons Appear! Run, Forrest! Run!
Breakfast Beatdown: Chex Quest Weapons appear! Zorch your Enemies to Brazil!

Slot 3:
Night of the NPCs 2 - Re-Logic Boogaloo: Looks like you shouldn't use that cool renaming Technique your friend just gave you on those Guys
Slimy Slaughter: The Flemoids from Chex Quest are taking over! Blow em up into a Gooey Mess
Terrarian Troubles: The Enemies of Terraria are Attacking! it's gonna take more than a Sword to kill them

Emperor of Light: You killed his Wife, but now, He's gonna Kill you! (Assisted by Unicorns)
Lord Snotfolus II: The Slimiest Flemmoid of All, think you can handle it? (Assisted by Flemoidus Quadrumpuses)
The Puppet Hydra: The most annoying and deadliest of all Puppets (Assisted by some other Puppets)
Shub Niggurath: She's back!!!! (Assisted by Ogres and Scrags)