GZSDF: Strings for ConversationIDs

Tue Aug 17, 2021 11:32 am

Reelism 2 has a "town" hub full of NPCs. Pedestrians to talk to, shopkeepers to buy stuff from, and obscure props you can interact with for easter eggs. We... may have gone a bit far with all this - the DIALOGUE script has ~50 unique conversations defined with a lot more work left to go, and there's been absolutely no effort on our part in formally organising them so adding a new conversation becomes an exercise in trying to find a unique number that you hope doesn't override a 36-page philosophical back-and-fourth with an Imp that you wrote at 4am a year ago. Adding the ability to use strings as ConversationIDs, ala named scripts, would be very helpful!

I'm aware, though, it isn't so easy. Quoting Graf on Discord:
That may require some reworking because conversations are not really well implemented. Some of their shared state is very poorly managed - which is the reason why the system is so shitty.

But I figure at least starting the conversation might lead the way to something interesting happening, whether that be improvements to the old Strife dialogue system or someone else whipping up a useful, publicly-available substitute.