SoundsequenceOnSector enhancement

Fri Jul 30, 2021 8:19 am


the ACS function SoundsequenceOnSector adds a sound to the ceiling or floor of a sector. I often use this to assign a water sound to a sector with a water flat. The particular sector needs to be tagged to do so.

Imagine you have a large water pool and use the above method, then the water sound will be heard throughout the whole sector at an equal level.

No imagine, we want to have some detail in the ceiling of the large water pool. So we add a few sectors with lights and so on. But here, we run into a problem with SoundsequenceOnSector. If all the sectors we add are tagged the same as the water pool, there will be additional instances of the water sound. Hence, the sound will become louder when more sectors are adjacent.

Now here is the feature suggestion: Can we please have an additional keyword with SoundsequenceOnSector which makes all tagged sectors one single sound instance?

Kind regards